Offices Moves

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Offices Moves Across the UK

Whether you are a small company office moving across town or a multi-national corporation moving across the country.

Mover Express has the expertise and resources to plan and implement the most useful office removal to ensure business continuity for you, your staff and your organisation.

Mover Express has been moving business and people for years and understands that large or small business removals each come with their unique challenges.

And we start by getting to know your business. Our UK office removals experts work closely with you to understand your business objectives, evaluate the scale and scope of your office removals project, and identify the key criteria for the success of your project.

Offices Moves

You will benefit from a cost-effective service provided by a national network of office removals branches. Our specialist teams deliver services for office removals from our local departments, within a framework of local and national resources. From Scotland to Wales to Northern Ireland to England, we have you covered.

And our extensive office moving resources are flexible enough to manage projects of any size, from small office removals and private porterage contracts to managing complex specialist relocation projects, we can handle it all.

Removals are CSCS construction site qualified and CRB clear. We have the expert qualifications to work in high security and construction sites.

All of our team members are uninformed, and we do not employ agency staff. We understand that every commercial move or relocation comes with its unique set of challenges. Count on flexible removals to deliver the right solution for your organisation!